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The original and the best.   Who doesn’t run a footy tipping competition? Our customers are not only Hotels and Clubs but many workplaces or individuals who just want to have fun with the family throughout the season. They buy from us because firstly you can actually read our Player Cards, we use a good size font so throw the magnifying glass away. They are also produced on 250 plus gsm board which will withstand the entire 25 round season. The Proscore system makes this so simple.

Each Tipping Pack includes 1 x A3 Player Registration Poster, 1 x A3 Score Chart, 1 x Fixtures Chart, 50 x Player Cards and a hints and tips brochure

If you have more than 50 players then order either a Double OR Triple tipping pack at a discounted price rather than purchasing multiple single packs.  If 50 Player Cards are not enough then order as many extra as you need.   We can provide any combination to suit your requirements:-

  • Single Tipping Pack
  • Double Tipping Pack
  • Triple Tipping Pack

Order just the Score Charts and Registration Posters as separate items if you need.

Want more information on how it all works click here to download our hints and tips brochure

Early bird purchases available from December


ProScore is a proud Queensland Hotel Association QHA Corporate Member